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How long do fillers in the face last?

If you are wondering how to get rid of dermal fillers, then there are lots of options available for you in the market that you can utilize to get rid of them easily.

Before we begin stating all the remedies, let’s first get to know what do these dermal fillers mean? Then, we will understand how it works, and gradually we will get to know more about all the remedies and treatment that you should be doing. Read through to know more about it.

What do you mean dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are basically small injections consisting gels that are made up of hyaluronic acids, that helps in filling up the wrinkles as well as add some volumes to the soft tissues. You can opt for dermal fillers in Fort Collins in various parts of the face so to fill all the fillers that are present in your face, checks eyes, and other parts of the face. These also act as the best lip fillers that are directly injected into your lip tissues.

How does it work?

Fillers usually restore the lost volumes in your face and other plump areas, which helps in deepening set lines and making it smoother. The question that arises here is why it is actually needed. Well, there are lots of reasons why it is needed in your face. As we grow older day by day, your body stops producing elements commonly known as elastin and collagen. Both of these elements contribute to your face to make it look younger.

Experts state that they begin to lose the collagen factor after the age of 25 and start to look old enough as they shouldn’t be looking at their age. The levels of collagen and elastin in your face gradually decline by about 2 percent every year, and your body will stop producing it after you cross your twenties.

Fillers are usually being used since decades now for restoring lost volumes or adding necessary lifts.

How long do they last?

It commonly depends on your body reacting with the fillers in which hyaluronic acid is utilized, but most of the dermal fillers will stay up to 18 months.

Does it have side effects?

It’s quite easy for all the clients to get confused between the reactions and the side effects, so they think that the reactions are the side effects of these fillers, that commonly consist of CO. Although, there are not much harmful side effects of these fillers, there are some temporary ones that have to be taken care off. Some of the side effects will include swelling of the face, redness, tenderness, and other allergy type reactions.

It’s extremely normal to experience a bit of discomfort in the initial stages where you will also see that your face is turning red quite often. You will also experience bruising feeling after the procedure has ended. Reactions commonly occur after you have finished all the procedures of fillers. Some people experience it immediately, while some experience it after some time or days. Once the specialist gives you the needle injection, you will see redness, swelling, and experience pain in your face for some time. This usually happens when the fillers are injected into the tissues present in your face. These reactions are not much of a concern as they disappear after a few minutes or hours. If you feel the pain and swelling for some days, then you can get in touch with the specialist who will let you why you are still facing the pain or redness or any other reactions until now by performing some tests.

Do these fillers hurt?

You might feel a little discomfort when the filler is getting injected in your face, however, you need not have to worry after some time as you wouldn’t be feeling any pain in your face. The pain is also minimized by applying a cream, commonly known as the anesthetic cream before the treatment. In order to make sure that you don’t feel further pain and get easily relieved from all the reactions, most of the specialists use fillers that comprise of premixed local anesthetic components.

How many types of dermal fillers are there?

The most common kind of facial filler that is available in the market is hyaluronic acid, which is basically a natural substance that is found in lots of areas of a human body including joints, skin, and eyeballs. These acids can hold up to 1000x of water when it is weighed. The facial fillers containing hyaluronic acids aids in maintaining the accurate shape and size of your face, even out in the skin’s depressions and offer hydration.

Ellanse or PCL (Poly-Caprolactone) is another type of prominent filler that basically acts as a type of collagen simulator. When it is injected into specific places in your face, it usually triggers the natural response of your body to produce beneficial collagen and elastin, which gives you the results that you are expecting.

How much does it cost you?

Are you all set to take up the filler injection? Do you want to know how much would it cost you? Just to let you know that it doesn’t cost you much, which means you don’t have hurt your pockets much to get an injection. The prices usually vary from clinics to clinics and doctors to doctors, but you can check online in various authorized websites or call your nearby centers who are offering these services to check what the best price they are offering is.


Getting a filler injection in your face will not only help you in looking younger but also it helps in removing all the impure particles that are present in your face.

What you need to do is consult a doctor and check whether these injections will help your face to glow more and make you look younger. For some it may work, while for some it may not work as it is expected to be, therefore, consulting a doctor will help you in determining whether you should be opting for it or not.