How many times have you looked at your hands and said to yourself, “Oh my? My hands look like my grandmothers’.”  As we age our hands go from pretty and soft to bony and wrinkled. The loss of volume that happens causes our hands to age and they hands look bony, tendons show, and  veins become noticeable.

Don’t despair! There is a solution. Dermal fillers work in your face, and they also work in your hands. The aging of hand can be improved by restoring the volume of soft tissue, exfoliating and hydrating. This can be accomplished by using  dermal fillers and skin care products.

Besides our face, our hands are the first thing people see, and can be a dead giveaway to our age; whether a first hand shake or a chivalrous dainty kiss. Here at Dimensionz Injectables, we understand the importance of treating the hands to match the appearance and provide continuity with the treatment of the face. Talk to your consultant about how you can rewind your young and gorgeous hands with dermal fillers.
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Questions & Answers

How do derma fillers work in my hands?

Usually dermal fillers are injected subdermally using a blunt cannula or a needle. Discusses the procedure with your skin specialist for the best way for you to have dermal fillers for your hands.

Why do my hands age more rapidly than the rest of my body?

Hands age rapidly no matter what you do. Aging comes from sun damage, genetics, neglect and volume loss. Once the fat layer in your hands is depleted, your only option is to replace it with dermal fillers.

How long will fillers last in my hands?

The length of a filler varies depending on product, but if you use high quality filler, results  easily last  a year.

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