Acne Facial

Acne facials are a great treatment for teenagers or adults experiencing breakouts to clear up and improve their skin. It can diminish oiliness, even out the complexion and reduce the flare-ups of acne. Acne facials typically consist of steaming to open the pores, cleansing, extraction of blackheads and sebum deep within the skin and the application of solutions that will prevent the formation of new acne. When performed on a regular basis, most acne-prone individuals find that their skin is much clearer and smoother.

European Facial

European facials employ traditional techniques for revitalizing the skin and restoring a glowing, healthy appearance. Your skin will be cleansed and analyzed to determine which particular treatments and methods will be best suited to your individual needs. The skin is then typically steamed, any impurities are extracted and an exfoliant is used to remove dead skin cells. Circulation will be enhanced through massage techniques and a mask may be applied to balance the skin, followed up with a moisturizer to meet the needs of your skin type.