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Latisse® has been used with notable results for those who have eyelash loss due to a medical condition or alopecia areata.

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Eyelash Loss

Latisse® has been extremely promising to those who lost their eyelashes due to chemotherapy. It is also an approved medication to use if you don’t have enough eyelashes due to age or any other condition.

What Is It?

Latisse® is a liquid application that you place along the lash line of your upper eyelid. Latisse® is the medication bimatoprost or a manmade form of a naturally occurring substance called prostaglandin.

How We Can Help

Latisse is the only RDA approved treatment to manage inadequate eyelashes or hypotrichosis. Latisse® has been proven to increase the growth, length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes with regular and consistent use.

Avoid using on yr lower lids. Blot any serum that gets on your skin and only use the sterile applicators supplied with your Latisse® product. It is recommended to use Latisse for at least two consecutive months. Eyelash improvement remains as long as you use the medication. When you stop using Latisse®, eyelashes eventually return to their original appearance.

Some users have listed side effects or red eyes or itchy eyes. These side effects go away quickly leaving you with luxurious lashes. Talk to an eye specialist or the specialist at Dimensionz Injectables for additional information about Latisse®.

"Very pleased with the results"

"I like the Botox a lot. I think you made the right call on not injecting the forehead. It has relaxed a little from having the area around my eyes done. The lines above my lip have softened as well. Very pleased with the results."

Bryan G.
"Will Definitely Be Back!"

Had my first appointment with Kim today and it was fantastic! Kim took her time to discuss my expectations and made sure we were on the same page before starting my Botox injections. I highly recommend Kim and will definitely be back!

Donna E.
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Overview of Latisse

Falling of eyelash can be a matter of grave concern & it happens due to any medical condition or due to alopecia areata. Those who lose eyelashes from chemotherapy, Latisse has been found to be very effective & moreover, it is an approved medical condition to opt for if one does not have sufficient eyelashes because of medical condition or age.

Eyelashes have the power to highlight the eyes beautifully & makes your look complete. When you do not have enough eyelashes, you will certainly feel depressed. But now no more feeling down when Dimensionz clinic is by your side.

Latisse is a prescribed treatment & is approved by the FDA for growing eyelashes. It is in liquid form & can be applied on the upper eyelid along the lash line. Apply it every night using sterile applicators. You do not have to apply it on the lower eyelid as it spreads automatically on the lower lash line when you link. Before you apply Latisse, make sure that you clean your face, there must not be any eye makeup & must remove your contact lens.

Consult an Opthamologist

If you find that you have started losing eyelashes, then it is recommended that you visit eye specialist at our clinic that is Dimensionz to resolve the issue. Our eye specialist takes good care of every patient & recommends further treatment depending on the nature of the ailment.

When you seek consultation with our eye specialist due to falling eyelashes, you will be asked to use Latisse. As you start using Latisse, make sure that you follow all the instructions given by our opthalmologist & you should use Latisse at least for 2 consecutive months. Eyelash improvement will continue as long as you apply Latisse. The eyelash will return to its original appearance when you stop using Latisse.

Application & Benefits of Latisse

Application of Latisse is not at all. It is super easy & even a novice person can do it with ease. You need to apply once in a day before going to bed on the upper eyelid. When you apply on the upper eyelid, it will automatically get transferred to your lower eyelid as you blink. You must not mix Latisse with mascara as both are two separate products. Latisse is something which helps in the growth of longer eyelashes naturally while the mascara is used for coating the eyelashes to improve its appearance.

There are several benefits associated with the application of Latisse & the result is visible after 16 weeks. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Latisse:

  • Length of the eyelashes increase by 25%
  • Eyelash darkness increases by 18%
  • Fullness & thickness of the eyelash increases by 106%

Latisse Prices

Checkup / Consultation | FREE

Lingual Braces | $299

Metal Braces | $350

SignatureAligner | $180

Retainer (Per Jaw) | $400

Active Plate | $80

Mini Screw | $60

Most Popular Questions

Latisse® is a prescription serum that you apply only to your top lash line with a sterile applicator that comes with the serum. You can use it at night as part of your nighttime regime to get thicker, longer and darker lashes.

As long as you use Latisse® as instructed, your lashes will stay full and lush. They may go back to their original length, thickness, and color if you stop using Latisse®.

The most frequently reported reactions were eye pruritis (itching), conjunctival hyperemia, skin hyperpigmentation, ocular irritation, dry eye symptoms and periorbital erythema. These symptoms occur in less than 4% of patients. 

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