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Botulinum toxin type A injections are the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. In 2017, 7.2 million Botox® injectables were administered. Botox® is a non-invasive in nature, produces quick results, and very little recovery time. Botox® is the go-to treatment for those who want to rejuvenate their appearance

Botox® is designed to smooth dynamic wrinkles or the types of creases that form as a result of repeated facial movements like frowning, smiling, or squinting. When injected, the neurotoxin temporarily blocks nerve impulses to the muscles and causes them to relax. The result is a softer, smoother expression. The most popular areas of treatment are the frown lines, the forehead, corners of the mouth and chin plus wrinkles around the eyes.

Wrinkle-reducing treatment can last anywhere from three to six months.

All Botox® formulations are FDA approved and have been used safely and effectively for years.

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BOTOX: $12 / unit  (regular price without specials)

DYSPORT: $3.50 / unit

Questions & Answers

How can I be sure Botox or other neurotoxins are safe?

Botox and other neurotoxin injectables for cosmetic use are very safe when performed by a trained professional. Studies show that out of 6,200 injections performed by licensed professionals in 2011, there were only two cases with negative side effects.

What do neurotoxins do to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles?

Neurotoxin injections temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Neurotoxin injections are mainly done in the forehead and around the eyes.

How are neurotoxins given?

A neurotoxin is injected by a thin needle that injects tiny amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin or muscles. The number of injections you may need depends on many factors including the size of the area being treated.

How much downtime will I have after a neurotoxin treatment?

There is little downtime after your injections. However, do not massage or rub the treated area for 24 hours, and do NOT lay flat for 2 hours to prevent the toxin from spreading to different areas.

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